My Outreachy Internship with LibreHealth

How I Discovered Outreachy
I was a final year Computer Engineering student specializing in Telecommunications  at the University of Buea, Cameroon when a friend told me about Outreachy. She wanted me to help her with a challenge she encountered during her online Nanodegree program at Udacity. She told me that she had a lot on her hands because of another program she was doing online called Outreachy. She advised me to google it and apply since I am equally good at coding, this was Outreachy the December 2018 to March 2019 round.

I googled outreachy and there it was! The home page content was amazing, I found out i was eligible to apply. I then started my initial application process and got the link of the projects one week to the deadline. I got so excited by the number of projects I saw, became confused about which to choose until the round closed without me recording any contributions to any of the projects I chose. I learnt two things the hard way;

  1. Start your applications early
  2. Narrow your projects to one or two

I patiently waited for 3 months for the next round to be announced. This time I knew exactly what I wanted. I looked through filtered the project list to one project with the following criteria;

  • I possess over 80% of the required skills
  • My current lap top hardware specification meets the requirements
  • Details on how to start is well understood
  • Project chat forum is welcoming
  • Above all, I have a passion for the organisations vision.

All this search finally brought me to LibreHealth’s project Improve code and Documentation for LibreHealth EHR.

LibreHealth My First Open Source Organisation